Thursday, February 28, 2013

Race photos

Am I the only one who cringes in anticipation of their finish photos?

Even with muscle cramps and a bad time, I still remembered to smile while I crossed the finish line.

At least you can see me with this one, but I'm still not paying $10 to download it to Facebook. Maybe if I didn't look like I was grimacing as much.

I ran a beautiful 5K in downtown Memphis this past summer. I had one of my best times and awesome backdrop. As I run the last tenth of a mile, you can see the Beale Street signs behind. Unfortunately, after looking through 300 photos, I finally figured out that the photo I'm in - I'm completely blocked my another runner. You can barely see my sneakers in the background.

Of all the races so far, I have yet to frame a race photo. Ah, maybe this year.

So, do you use your race photos? Good or bad?

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