Friday, February 22, 2013

On my own

I've run one race totally by myself. Drove up, ran it, came in 4th and drove home. Very anticlimactic, but a personal best.

That's something to consider.

My mom called tonight and said she wouldn't be able to make it to the Oxford half. I'm a little bummed, but her knee has been bothering her and it's a long drive just to see me cross the finish line.

At the Oxford half, my running buddy's husband cheered for us at the finish line. But this will be my first solo half.

I'm going to be a big girl and be my own motivation tomorrow. I'm going to create a rocking playlist tonight to help. And when I cross the finish line (once I finally make it up that huge asphalt cliff they call a hill), I'll have an awesome finisher medal waiting for me.

I'll then drive the hour back home, shower and let my husband cook me dinner and celebrate with friends.

Sounds like a great day.

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