Sunday, February 17, 2013

Haven't trained for this one: Half-marathon #2

After the greatness that is the St. Jude Half-Marathon, I've taken a little break. Unfortunately, I signed up for another half-marathon when I was still in the euphoria of "This is great! Let's do one every month!"

Of course, life creeps in. The weather gets freezing cold. There are holidays. There is traveling for work. There are kid's basketball games and birthdays and trips to see family.

So, now I'm a week before my second half-marathon and I've trained for it about once a week. The longest I've trained is about eight miles last month. I clocked in 5.5 this morning before I got a call from my oldest asking when I was going to return and make breakfast. Talk about a buzz kill. I knew I should have woken up earlier.

It's also been harder because my running buddy has taken a break, too. She's sworn off cold-weather running and moved her workout into the spin room at the gym. Meanwhile, I've joined a running club and we are miserably cold together every Saturday morning.

As I laid in bed this morning wondering if I should even attempt to run this morning, I googled "half-marathon with no training." Here was my inspiration to get up and just do it.

Finishing a half marathon with no training and living to blog about it

This is what I needed to hear. That someone hadn't trained for their half, but that they were in relatively good shape and had run a half-marathon before. The tips were helpful and she shared my medal-greed. Even if my time is slower than the St. Jude's, I still have my medal to hang in my office. I'll just have to remember to listen to my body, it's OK if I need to walk a bit, and to remember that there is a big piece of hardware waiting for me at the finish line. 

It also got me out of bed this morning in 30-degree temps. Each step counts. 

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  1. You forgot about Trivia sneaking in....oh, and Starbucks!