Friday, March 8, 2013

Those darn knees again

The only thing that ached after the Oxford half were my muscles, but even the aches weren't that bad. I've ridden and ran a few times since then, but my knees have really been aching lately, for the past two weeks now.

They feel weak, lose, sore...

Monday, March 4, 2013

In a rut, but here's a smoothie recipe for you!

After a week of traveling for work, snow and a sick kid, I haven't been able to exercise much and I feel gross.

I ran 2.5 miles Saturday morning, but it was nearly snowing and no one from my running club showed up. Ran it solo and barely made it back in time to get the family to Jack's basketball game at 9. Then a birthday party at noon. And it snowed, which in Memphis, is a pretty big deal.

The next day was absolutely gorgeous. Of course, the running club decided to have a go at it in the afternoon. As we're piling kids in the car to go to a baseball meeting, they ran right by my house. I watched longingly as they jogged down the road. Bah.

So, today - sick kid. Tomorrow - other kid suspended from the bus. But tomorrow, I will get to the gym. Even if I have to run there. God forbid...

So, because I haven't exercised in a 10-day week, I decided to share my awesome peanut butter and spinach smoothie. I absolutely love this and drink it all the time. Fortunately, no one else has wanted to try it, so it's all mine every time.

Essentially, the spinach gives it color and all you taste is peanut butter and banana. I also included a cool vine 6-second video so you can see how easy it is and how beautifully green it is. Down the hatch.

ice and water
greek yogurt (optional, but it makes it creamy)
1/2 cup to 1 cup of spinach
tbs creamy peanut butter
flaxseed (optional, but it can help inflammation... which is great for the knees)

whirl it in your blender and voila!